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About Personal Stories.

We have tried to gather as many stories as possible but always appreciate for even more people to add theirs. The importance of these stories is that they show the full impact of OCD on a person's life. Those who have OCD will hopefully feel less alone, less "strange", less isolated and those who don't have OCD might find it easier to relate.

Often people feel as if their rituals or thoughts must be different or unique, that it would be impossible for anyone to truly understand what they are going through. Many feel as if they are the person who is the exception. Nothing is less true. Although slight differences are a fact it's also a fact that there always seems to be someone that shares "your" obsession, "your" ritual.M While this doesn't take away any of the pain, it will show you that there is no shame, no loneliness in this. Aside from reading other people's stories you can also look at the long list of OCD- Symptoms or look at the OCD- Symptoms people sent in.

I have seen so many people amazed when they realized that their behaviors they always felt to be unique were actually pretty common. But in order to realize this you have to read about OCD and other people's experiences or communicate with people by going to Support Groups.

So inform yourself because you are not crazy, but you do have OCD. I hope that reading these stories will show this to you and show you that you are not alone in this.

To those who want to understand more about OCD, I will ask you to read these stories with an open mind. When you don't have OCD, you don't always realize there is a difference between "you can" and "you have to". But OCD actions are like "I have To's", which you can't easily step away from.
OCD is like an omni- present urge from which we wish we could walk away more than you ever could want us to. I hope that reading some of these stories will show you what OCD truly means to a person.
There is much I would like to add, but I will let the others do the talking now...... :).

NOTE: All these Personal Stories, Poetry and Art have been added with the permission of the author. Please respect their rights and do not copy/use their Stories, Poetry or Art for personal nor commercial usage.

Thank you to all the people who participated by writing about their own experiences with OCD. We can't expect the outside world to understand us if we don't start talking about OCD. We know this has been tough for some of them and we hope that their efforts have given them something to be proud of and will make others feel less alone.

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For those that are wondering, the only changes we would make are spelling- corrections and maybe add a few *'s if needed ;).
Thank you for your contribution.

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